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well testing flowback northdakota willis


Total Depth operates sour service 720 psi pressure vessels to start our flowback testing division.  We designed and engineered these vessels to handle any challemges the Bakken region could throw our way.  Every vessel was manufactured to the most stringent specifications and comes fully equipped for any job. equipment specs are as follows:


  • 720psi rating @ -50 to 350F

  • Sour service / lowtemp *ABSA, U-Stamp, and NB number

  • 4 phase separation with an internal sparging system

  • Fluid capacity of 112 bbl's

  • 160' of 2" fig 1502 sour service rated @ 10000psi

  • Manifold 2" f ig 1502 sour servive rated @ 10000psi

  • Metering gas - 2" and 4" v-cone meters, scanner heads are Nuflow with Barton meter backups, with the ability of transferring liquids and gas inline

  • Max gas rate of 27.0 mmcF/day

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