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swab rig north dakota

We supply boilers throughout Alberta for any application, including but not limited to frac water heating, wellhead and flowback heating, and service and drilling rig applications. The boilers are equipped with on board generators to be self sustaining, only needing fuel and water to be supplied. The majority of the boilers in our fleet can run on natural gas or diesel. Each boiler contains the following:



  • 125hp York Shipley fire tube boiler (Max operating pressure of 135psi)

  • 300' of 2" pipe

  • 300' of 1" pipe

  • 120' of 2" hose

  • 200' of 1" hose

  • 2 roughneck heaters

  • tarps, tools, and fitting to heat tank farms, "c" ring heaters, or any other application

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